“The characters were so lovable, and the character development as individuals and also the development of the relationships between the characters is incredible. Emily @bookswithraven


“Songlines is an intricately intense and well-crafted fantasy allegory with relatable themes of trust, courage, sacrifice, friendship and family, as well as much world- and character-building appeal that begs its readers to complete the whole Sentinels of Eden series.” Romi Sharp- Just Write for Kids.


“A very interesting YA read. A cross between John Marsden and C.S Lewis. Uniquely Australian and like nothing I have ever read before. Well worth checking out.” DM Cameron-Author


“The Sentinels of Eden, Book One by Carolyn Denman an extraordinary read. Filled with mesmerizing descriptions of the Australian outback and the mythical world of the Garden of Eden, you can’t help but turn the pages to see just what these friends are prepared to do to fulfill their destinies.” Melinda Hills for Readers’ Favorite