I had such high hopes for 2017. It wore shiny new clothes, a string of polished Resolutions around its neck, and it promised not to kill off any well-loved celebrities. Now it has settled in to my schedule with the distracted air of a geocaching tourist. It was supposed to have a routine. It was supposed to remain tidy. 2017 was supposed to get things done. Instead, it keeps leaving dirty dishes in the sink and wandering off on creative tangents (possibly searching for geocaches). And I believe it is also somehow responsible for the 4 foot Snorlax beanbag lurking in my study – I’m just not sure how.


So what has 2017 done for me so far and why should I keep feeding it and giving it warm mugs of hot chocolate?

Fine. So it gave me an incredible holiday to Mauritius (which you can read about here if you aren’t already jealous enough just reading the word ‘Mauritius’)

It also gave me a flexible work schedule thanks to an awesome and understanding boss (if any Melbournites happen to need a home loan or refinance, said Awesome Boss would be ever so impressed if you asked me to help you with it).

There is also a whole list of exciting promises that 2017 may still keep. Soon I will be ready to reveal to the world the pretty new cover art for Sanguine (Sentinels of Eden #2). In April you will all be finally able to read the book itself, and by the end of the year I expect that the final two books in the series will be ready for the professionals to polish up.

2017 has also given me this. A blog. One with a great big sparkly Resolution adorning is neck. Will this shiny bling become more like a millstone? That’s what 2016 kept telling me, but 2017 has a new perspective. See, what 2016 forgot to mention was that writing my own blog means that I can ramble on about seemingly pointless topics and still have the fun of injecting the occasional pearl of wisdom or tidbit of encouragement that might just make someone’s day better. It might also assist me to build new relationships with readers, which, after all, is the point.

So, today’s pearl? Let 2017 wander wherever its muse leads it. Follow it around like a hungry cat as it explores creative new projects. Appreciate those Resolutions as a form of bling that is best appreciated when not worn every day.

Because 2017 – just like a geocaching tourist – may seem distracted, but in the end it will find something exciting hidden away, gain a sense of achievement, and get to enjoy a whole lot of unexpected scenery along the way.

The New Year has settled in – and made itself at home.
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