Now that was a fun weekend! Not only did I get to spend time with members of the talented and generous Odyssey Books team, I also had the chance to hang with some of the most fun-loving and creative people in Melbourne. There is something special about pop-culture expos, and this year’s Melbourne Supanova was bathed in a glorious display of exceptional cosplay and artistry. It was one of the few experiences that you can walk away from with a list like this:

  • I watched a young boy in a wheelchair have his photo taken with Superman
  • I chatted to the owner of a bookstore who would really love to stock more titles that you don’t see at the big chain stores
  • I spoke to a woman who would love to have more time to write but is busy completing her PhD in ‘ways to improve aged care to support patient’s marriages’ – how vital is that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better reason to put off a writing career
  • An orc tried to eat Songlines, but was luckily distracted by a passing elven prince
  • An holistic assassin asked permission to take the seat next to me on the train
  • I got to chat to Jodi McAlister (author of Valentine) and Lynette Noni (The Medoran Chronicles) about my books
  • I ate bright green sparkly corn chips
  • The Queen of Hearts told me that I really should be able to sew on a button – apparently it isn’t really that hard
  • Oh, yes, and I was finally able to share my new release with all those lovely people!

Sanguine – Sentinels of Eden #2 is now available through Odyssey Books and all the usual online bookstores. You can also ask for it at any Australian library or bookstore and they can order it in for you via Novella Distribution.

And of course, please let me know what you think. Honest reviews are always welcome!



A Supanova Release of a Super Sanguine Sequel
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