ASIM-63-CoverCarolyn Denman’s next short story was published by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

‘Fourteen seconds’ may not seem long, but a lot can happen, especially when you regularly teleport to work and a girl is involved.


Available as e-book or in hard copy.

Published by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine-(ASIM) April 2016








Echoes of Space is Carolyn Denman’s first published piece; a short story for the Australian science fiction magazine, Aurealis


When a friend of mine showed me some artwork she’d done for her college assignment, my first reaction was tell her it was brilliant and that I could write a whole story on it. So I did. It may also be possible that I had been listening to too many TED talks at around the same time.

So the questions that most intrigue me about a collective consciousness are simple. If I was the one in charge of choosing who to allow ‘in’, would I choose myself? What aspects of the human psyche are worth saving, in the end? The concepts of shame and of grace feature strongly in most belief systems for a very good reason. And call me a sappy sentimental if you like, but I believe romance will never die.

PUBLISHED BY Aurealis   AUREALIS #82 (2015)